Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mobile Marketing: How To Market Your Mobile Website

We’re nearing the end of the series about Mobile Web Development, Optimization and Marketing. On the previous posts, we discussed the four (4) different ways to reach your mobile consumer and analyzed their pros and cons. Last time, we introduced optimization techniques on how to make your existing website mobile-friendly. On this fifth installment, learn the basics of SEO and marketing strategies should you choose to have a separate site intended for mobile consumers.

Mobile Website Defined.
This is the second copy of your main site. Your visitors are directed to it if they’re using a handheld or tablet device. It displays only pertinent information and is designed with larger navigation and special features like click-to-call functions all aimed to give your audience the best mobile user experience.

Mobile Website and SEO.
As users hate to scroll through a page when they’re using their smartphones, it is extremely important to be on the top of the list should a prospective mobile client decide to search for a certain service your company happens to offer. Thus, here are three (3) simple tips to help you rank better on mobile search engines.
·         Onpage. Similar to web, optimize your title, meta and tags with the right keywords. During keyword research, consider the behavior of mobile users as they totally differ from the web users – factor such as the earlier tends to type fewer words than the latter.
·         Mobile Standards. Just like your usual Googlebot task, it indexes the XHTML and CSS files of your mobile website. Make sure that you upload the correct copy accordingly.
·         Redirection and Sitemap. Test to see if redirection works properly in different gadgets. You wouldn’t want to lose a potential buyer by merely failing to direct them to the right version of your website. Add a mobile sitemap for mobile robots.

Mobile Website and Marketing.
Modifying your site to increase ranking on mobile search engines isn’t enough. What about the people who use local directories to look for a recommended restaurant or dry cleaning shop near the area. Then enters marketing. Below are ideas on how to approach this type of crowd:
·         Online coupons. Mobile people most often than not prefers local. Hence, if your firm is located in the country, have a webdesign professional in the Philippines create online coupons to generate sales for your business. This is a great opportunity to maximize purchases that can be done in impulse.
·         Listings. If you’re a local resto that offers exotic Pinoy cuisine, have an SEO company in the Philippines submit your listing to a local food directory. In this way, you can get leads that are targeted according to your niche.
·         Reviews. Have your satisfied customers write a review for you. Let the word about your excellent products and services go out.
·         Social Media Promotions. Utilize the social media hype. Add your business in Foursquare for better visibility. Reward regulars with freebies for frequently checking in.
·         QR Codes. Your customer can reach your website by simply scanning your QR codes found online and on print. So remember include this in your marketing plans as well.  

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